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Parliament Approves Positive Amendments to Public Service Broadcasting Law

February 2 – Parliament approved the law #4413 “On Amendments to Law On Public Broadcasting” in the second reading. The draft law was submitted by a group of MPs from Servant of the People, Batkivschyna and For the Future. Igor Rozkladay (deputy director and lawyer of the Center for Democracy and Rule of Law – an Internews partner – is the author of this law. The draft law was recommended for approval by the Parliamentary Committee on Humanitarian and Information Policy. It gives the majority vote in the Supervisory Board to representatives of civil society, and simplifies some procedures regarding the appointment of members representing parliamentary factions, which are positive developments.

The main provisions of the law are as follows:

  • The balance between members appointed to represent the parliamentary factions and those appointed to represent civil society has changed, in favor of civil society. Now there will be seven parliamentary representatives and eight civil society representatives, giving civil society a one-person majority.
  • Parliamentary factions will be able to delegate their candidates to the UA: PBC supervisory board two months before the expiration of the term of office of the acting members representing parliamentary factions;
  • Parliamentary factions that have been disbanded (dismissed) or that have formed after the delegation of members of the UA:PBC supervisory board by the factions of the current parliament’s convocation will not be able to delegate representatives to the supervisory board;
  • The term of service of the UA:PBC supervisory board members has been increased from four to five years;
  • In case of early termination of powers of a certain UA:PBC supervisory board member, the parliamentary faction which delegated this member can delegate another candidate. The term of the new member’s service is limited by the term of the predecessor from the same faction.

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