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Plaintiffs Lose Lawsuit Against Bihus.Info for Investigation of Sharii Political Party Funding

October 7 – Holosiyivskyi District Court in Kyiv refused to satisfy the claims of BRSM-Oil LLC and Euro Smart Power LLC, the plaintiffs in a case against Bihus.Info journalists regarding their investigation about the shadow funding of Sharii Party, a political party founded by controversial pro-Russian blogger Anatoliy Sharii.

In autumn 2020, BRSM-Oil LLC and Euro Smart Power LLC filed a lawsuit against Bihus.Info journalists Denys Bihus, Anastasia Usenko, and Lesia Ivanova demanding that the journalists refute what the energy companies alleged was inaccurate information in the October 2020 investigative report “Shariy: dirty cash, paid experts and secret sponsors (party correspondence).” The investigation was focused on the funding of Sharii Party; the Bihus.Info journalists discovered that the party gets most of its funding unofficially in cash or via personal bank accounts, and that the person responsible for these financial operations is a senior manager at the BRSM-Oil LLC group of companies.

The plaintiffs demanded Bihus.Info delete the online investigative story, reimburse BRSM-Oil LLC for lost profits in the amount of 305,000 hryvnias (approx. US $11,700), and pay 200,000 hryvnias (approx. US $7,600) in moral damages. Bihus.Info lawyer Mariya Muzychka and Oleksandr Burmahin and Yevhen Vorobyov from the Human Rights Platform NGO represented the journalists in court.

More on the Bihus.Info website in Ukrainian.


Photo: Tingey Injury Law Firm