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Priests Learn Modern Media Relations

October, 10: About 80 priests from the Kyiv Eparchy of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church (UGCC) have learned how to become better in handling modern media. Together with Internews-Ukraine we helped organize a one-day workshop. Dmytro Simanskiy, a media expert, conducted the training sessions.

The participants engaged in dynamic discussions on ways how to become masters of modern media and be more effective in communicating the Church’s activities to the public and media. They learned how to write a news story, how to behave in a televised interview and how to react in crisis communications situations.

Father Lyubomyr Yavorskiy, the Vice-Director of the Department of Army Chaplaincy, UGCC,  wrote on his Facebook: “Dmytro Symanskiy has conducted a rather interesting training for the priests of our Kyiv Eparchy. We’ve learned how to be effective communicators. The trainer told us both new and very important things. Just want to say ‘thank you’.”

Lubomyr Husar, the Major Archbishop Emeritus of Kyiv-Galicia and UGCC’s head in 2001-11, repeatedly spoke in favor of effective communications.

Those who met and knew Cardinal Husar in person are very well aware of his ability to be a great communicator. He stayed on message, however, he always asked his audience “Was I clear enough?” In his earlier August 2011 interview, he said that “it’s critical for the Church to be meticulous in following the principles of healthy journalism, as well as communication policy on truth and ethics”. “Today, if you are not in the communication space – it’s almost a suicide.. to me, it goes without a doubt,” Cardinal Husar added.