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Prosecutor General Briefs OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media about Investigations into Illegal Actions Against Journalists

July 15 – Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova and Deputy Prosecutor General Ihor Mustetsa met Teresa Ribeiro, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, at the Office of the Prosecutor General in Kyiv to discuss the status of the protection of journalists, and in particular criminal investigations into cases where journalists were persecuted or physically attacked.

The Office of the Prosecutor General reported at the meeting that currently 260 criminal cases are in the process of investigation. Among these, 17 persons have already received notifications that they are suspects, while 13 cases have recently been transferred to the courts and 83 cases are now being considered by the courts.

Venediktova provided Ribeiro with separate numbers of investigations regarding illegal actions against journalists in Donbas and Crimea. Fifteen criminal cases are being investigated regarding violation of journalists’ professional rights in Donbas, and 23 in Crimea.

More on Detector Media in Ukrainian and on the website of the Office of the Prosecutor General in Ukrainian.

Photo: Vanilla bear films on Unsplash