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Public Opinion Research Analyzes Ukrainian Television Media Habits

February 13 – A Detector Media public opinion study from late last year shows that more Ukrainians are watching television for news information, more rely on Ukrainian television and less on Russian television for news and increasing numbers of Ukrainians receive news informally from friends and family.

The percentage of Ukrainians who receive their news from television increased to just over 87 percent in 2016, an increase from 83 percent in 2015.  From 2015 to 2016, more Ukrainians watched the Ukrainian 1+1 news channel about developments in Donbas and Crimea while fewer viewed the Ukrainian Inter channel and Russian television channels such as Channel 1 and NTV, according to the study.

The study also shows that Ukrainians increasingly rely on friends and relatives for their news information:  in 2016, almost half of those interviewed for the study said they receive information from friends and relatives, a significant increase from 2015 when just a quarter of those interviewed said they obtained news this way.

The study, titled Russian Propaganda Influence on Public Opinion, was conducted from December 3-12, 2016 by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology.  It was commissioned by Detector Media and financed by the Swedish International Cooperation Agency – SIDA.  Over 2,000 interviews were conducted with Ukrainians living in 110 cities, towns and villages controlled by the Ukrainian government.  Results reveal sources of news for citizens – particularly news about military activity in the Donbas.

A news conference presenting results of the research was conducted at the Ukrinform news agency.  Presenters were Detector Media’s Nataliya Lyhachova-Chernolutska, Diana Dutsyk and Roman Shutov.

More polling results on the Detector Media website in Ukrainian.