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Russia commits 477 crimes against media in Ukraine since start of war

January 24 – In the 11 months of the war, Russia has committed 477 crimes against Ukrainian journalists and media outlets according to monitoring by the Institute of Mass Information. This includes at least 217 broadcasters and print media throughout the country that have partially suspended or completely ceased operations due to hostilities or occupation. The other crimes include:

  • 43 journalists murdered, including eight who were killed while working as media
  • 14 journalists have been disappeared
  • 21 journalists kidnapped
  • 17 journalists wounded
  • 32 incidents of firing upon journalists
  • 67 instances of death threats and intimidation
  • 16 missile attacks or captures of television towers
  • Eight media offices seized or destroyed
  • 42 instances of cybercrimes
  • One case of legal pressuring
  • Nine cases of blocking media’s access to the internet
  • 25 instances of shutting down Ukrainian broadcasts and broadcasting Russian propaganda


 More on the Institute of Mass Information in English.

Photo: Institute of Mass Information