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Sixty Media Outlets Fined for Non-Disclosure of Ownership Structure

June 1 – The National Television and Radio Council fined 60 broadcast licensees for failure to comply with legal media ownership transparency requirements. The Council said the organizations did not submit ownership information and structure before March 31 as required by Ukrainian law. The law calls for a fine amounting to five percent of the broadcast license fee. Fines for the 60 licensees range from 9 kopiykas (less than 1 U.S. cents) to 32,705 Ukrainian hryvnya (US$1,233).

These are five of the offending licensees and their fine amounts:

• The Rada TV channel (Parliamentary TV Channel Rada enterprise) – 355 UAH (US$13)

• News Network TV channel (News Network LLC) – 4,014 UAH (US$151)

• Business Channel (Weather TV LLC) – 32,705 UAH (US$1,233)

• Social Country TV channel (Social Country LLC) – 6,090 UAH (US$230)

• ATR TV channel (Atlant-SV TV company) – 18,700 UAH (US$705)

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