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State Investigation Bureau Requests Documents from Public Broadcaster

July 19 – The State Investigation Bureau (SIB) requested UA:PBC provide all contracts/agreements signed between 2017 and 2019, according to a Facebook post by Mykola Chornotytskyi, head of UA:PBC management board. According to Chornotytskyi, SIB already investigated these documents in 2019. The volume of documents requested by SIB is in excess of 5,000 agreements (more than 100,000 pages in total). Chornotytskyi said the company will provide the documents if the request is followed up by a court demand. He wrote: “I think this is just the beginning, searches may follow.”

 In August 2019, the State Investigation Bureau, accompanied by the Security Service of Ukraine, conducted searches at Ukraine’s public service broadcaster and at the homes of several UA:PBC employees, including Zurab Alasania, who was the head of the UA:PBC management board from April 2017 to May 2021.

The SIB has not provided an explanation for this investigation, so it looks like a fishing expedition on the part of people looking to intimidate the current management in the same way as was done two years ago. At that time the searches led to no further action.

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Photo: Mediamodifier on Unsplash