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State of media landscape in Kherson after liberation

December 13 – In the month since Kherson and the surrounding region were liberated, some Ukrainian media have gradually returned. However, their operation is limited by daily shelling, power outages, and the lack of necessary equipment due to looting by Russian forces.

Only one TV channel is available in Kherson, and it airs the United News telethon. The TV tower, destroyed by Russians, is prohibitively expensive to rebuild and instead will be replaced by temporary structures. The UA:PBC Kherson affiliate is unable to resume operations due to security risks and lack of equipment. Kherson + is the only local private broadcaster in operation; they are broadcasting solely on YouTube. VTV+, another local private channel, was accused of collaborating with the occupiers and reportedly relocated to Crimea. Ukrainian authorities are investigating their case.

In late November, the newspapers Hryvnia and New Day prepared, printed, and disseminated special issues with the support of the National Union of Journalists and international donors. In addition to production issues due to stolen equipment, the cost of paper has nearly tripled since February.

Radio NV and Ukrayinske Radio are the only two radio stations that have resumed broadcasting for the area.

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Photo: Unsplash