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Survey shows that high levels of stress affecting Ukrainian journalists


In December, the Institute of Mass Media conducted an anonymous online survey of 229 journalists and included questions about journalists’ emotional experiences and mental well-being over the past year. Many Ukrainian journalists (90%) regularly experience stress. 13% of respondents reported experiencing depression and hopelessness. The respondents also noted the following issues, all of which are associated with anxiety and stress:

  • 42% of respondents feel they do not have the right to rest in the middle of a war, nor do they have the time to do so
  • 34% of respondents experience irritability
  • 33% have problems with sleep or changes in their sleep schedule
  • 32% have trouble concentrating
  • 42% experience constant fatigue
  • 36% have become more tense and on edge


When asked how they manage their stress, 48% of respondents said that their families give the most comfort and support. Some journalists turn to their hobbies and volunteering to cope (31%) while others communicate with their friends (26%). Only 2% of the interviewed journalists visit a psychotherapist or take medication to manage or treat their stress.

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