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UA:PBC Head Reports on Public Broadcaster’s Progress in 2019 

August 14 – Zurab Alasania, the head of Ukraine’s public service broadcaster UA:PBC, presented UA:PBC’s semi-annual 2019 activity report to the UA:PBC Supervisory Board.

Alasania reported on the progress in implementing the UA:PBC roadmap, a strategy created as a result of the external audit of UA:PBC conducted by the Ernst & Young auditing company in 2018.

Alasania reported that between January and June 2019: 

• all regional branch websites have been launched;

• a new accounting policy was developed;

• sound effects packs for Ukrainian radio (part of UA:PBC) were created;

• a system for tracking equipment, production facilities and personnel was developed;

• a function-based organizational structure was established so that departments are formed based on their activities (e.g. TV, radio, digital) rather than the sectors they are working on (socio-political programs, educational, cultural etc.);

• policies and procedures for applying for grant programs were developed;

• the land tax for UA:PBC was optimized, resulting in annual savings of 12,500,000 million hryvnia ($480,770);

• a system of internal controls for financial operations and production was implemented; and

• an electronic document management system was introduced.

Alasania reported that the UA:PBC team has improved the public broadcaster’s overall content production, for example by expanding information programming and increasing the duration of the “Topic of the Day” program from 30 to 52 minutes. The regional affiliates produced 276 “Electoral District: Interview” programs prior to the parliamentary elections, featuring 853 single-mandate candidates throughout Ukraine.

The “Countdown” political talk show broadcast during the presidential and parliamentary elections attracted an audience of 12,000,000. Media monitoring experts called the “Countdown” the most balanced and neutral of all the pre-election talk shows on Ukraine’s national TV channels. The “Countdown” show and, in-part, the roadmap implementation, were supported by USAID’s Media Program in Ukraine, implemented by Internews. Internews supported the implementation of electronic document management system.

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