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UA:PBC Seeks Frequency for a New National Radio Station

November 12 – Detector Media published an interview with Dmytro Khorkin, UA:PBC management board member in charge of radio, about UA:PBC’s plans to launch a fourth radio channel called Tochka [Point], to join existing stations Ukrainian Radio, Radio Promin [Ray], and Culture Radio. “Talk radio is top of the list in major European cities,” Khorkin said. “However, the situation is different in Ukraine, where the popularity of retro songs is just taking off.” He said that is why Ukraine needs a new music radio station for retro Ukrainian songs and alternative music.

UA:PBC plans to cover large cities and district centers, which corresponds to the broadcaster’s philosophy of total coverage. Tochka will target the 30-35+ audience, while Promin will cater to a younger audience.

UA:PBC applied to the National Council for TV and Radio Broadcasting within the new competition for frequencies. According to Detector Media sources, one of the nine applicants was Dom, a newly created radio channel of the state-owned Dom TV.

In early November 2021, UA:PBC radio stations won 55 frequencies to broadcast in 21 regions.

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Photo: Fringer Cat on Unsplash