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UA:Pershy Presents Audience Survey Results 

February 16 – UA:Pershy, Ukraine’s public service broadcaster, publicized the results of a viewer survey  conducted for the public joint stock company National Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) Company of Ukraine in November and December 2017. The survey was conducted by Kantar TNS company (Taylor Nelson Sofres Ukraine Ltd.) with support of the Council of Europe project “Strengthening freedom of the media and establishing a public broadcasting system in Ukraine.”

According to the survey, 50 percent of Ukraine’s population knows what channels and radio stations are part of the National Public Broadcaster. UA:Pershy television channel takes the lead in regional news coverage. Thirty-five percent of Ukraine’s population consumed public broadcaster TV channels and radio stations during the last month. The survey also found UA:Pershy’s audience is mostly elderly Ukrainians; 41 percent of them are pensioners.

Another important index noted in the survey is the level of trust in the public broadcasting television channel in general, and to its news programs in particular. Among the channels studied (1+1, Inter, Ukraina Channel, ICTV, and UA:Pershy), respondents rated UA:Pershy fourth in the level of trust of the channel and third in the level of trust for news.

Survey respondents showed very high interest in Ukraine’s domestic policies. They are also interested in humor and entertainment programs, but noted that the public broadcaster’s channels do not have enough of that type of programming.

Regarding the public broadcaster’s radio channels, a majority of listeners of Ukrainian Radio (UR-1) are 61 years and older; the core audience is pensioners and public servants. Sixty-five percent of the UR-1 audience trusts the radio network, and more than 30 percent trusts news programs. Radio Culture was noted as the radio station having different genres and serving society’s interests. Twenty-two percent of Ukrainians are interested in radio news coverage of politics; 58 percent of UR-1 listeners  say they listen to the network’s news coverage of politics.

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