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Ukraine Has over 3,000 Newspapers and Magazines

10 August:  Overall, Ukraine has 3,221 print media publications with a total print-run of 911,423,800 copies. Kyiv is the leader among the regions with highest numbers of newspapers printed.

This 2017 updated data comes from Ivan Fedorov Books Chamber of Ukraine that collected information on all printed publications having nationwide, regional and/or overseas circulation, as the press service of the State Committee for TV and Radio reports.

At present, 1,474 publications, with a total print-run of 410,567,300 copies, are printed in the Ukrainian language. In Russian – there exist 654 publications with a total print-run of 441,430,600 copies.

“Ukraine’s capital Kyiv is the leader among other regions: it has 1,146 publications, including 312 newspapers and 834 periodical and continuous publications. Kharkiv region has 282 printed media outlets, Dnipropetrovsk region – 230, Lviv region– 169.  Luhansk region has the fewest number of printed media outlets – 32”, – the Chamber reports.