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Ukraine needs to improve its frontline media coverage of the war

November 12 – In an interview with Detector Media, Editor-in-Chief of Yuriy Butusov expressed outrage over the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense revoking journalists’ accreditations. According to Butusov, the accreditation process for journalists wanting to report from the war zone is flawed. He said that the Ministry of Defense does not have a separate department that can strategize and develop communications with journalists.

“Journalists need to unite and present their demands to the Ukrainian government. Ukraine’s government then needs to develop a strategy for journalistic coverage of the war according to NATO standards,” says Butusov.

Butusov says that the Ministry of Defense should establish a community of accredited journalists embedded with the military in order to improve coverage of the war. By not developing systematic coverage from within, continued support from other countries (e.g. weapons, humanitarian aid, electricity) is overly reliant on how the international media portrays the Russian-Ukrainian war.

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Photo credit: Serhii Nuzhnenko