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Ukraine Reform Discussed and Analyzed

February 14 – The Reanimation Package of Reforms – the reform project administered by Internews partner Center for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM) with support of the European Union and the Swedish Government – organized a forum to discuss reform priorities for 2017.  Members of Parliament, Ukrainian government and presidential administration representatives, diplomats, Ukrainian opinion leaders and journalists participated in the discussion.  EU Delegation Head Hyuh Mingarelli delivered introductory remarks.

A panel discussion, Growth vs. Sustainability and presentation of survey research titled Reforms in Ukraine: Public and Expert Opinion conducted by the Democratic Initiatives Foundation were lead elements on the agenda.  The Foundation’s polling revealed that Ukrainians believe national authorities should focus on three priorities – reconciliation in Donbas, economic growth and combating corruption.

Within the context of the Reanimation Package of Reforms, the Institute for World Policy, Center UA, the Center for Political and Legal Reforms, the Association of Ukrainian Human Rights Monitors, Detector Media and the Regional Press Development Institute – among other organizations – are CEDEM partners.

More in Ukrainian on the CEDEM website.