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Ukrainian Women Heroes Inspire Children Suffering from Conflict

April 13, 2018 – From an accomplished mathematician who spent six years in exile in Siberia, to a princess of Kyiv who outsmarted the Emperor Constantin, to a young activist who fought for women’s rights to education and equality — these little-known women of Ukrainian history are brought to life in a new book – Girl Power: Little Stories of Big Acts – written by renowned Ukrainian authors Kateryna Babkina and Mark Livin and illustrated by Yulia Tveritina and Anna Sarvira.

The book is targeted to children in Ukraine who have been affected by the ongoing conflict. In particular, girls who are especially affected because of their unequal status in society and their sex. In conflict, women of all ages experience displacement, loss of home and property, loss or involuntary disappearance of close relatives, poverty and family separation and disintegration, and victimization through acts of murder, terrorism, torture, involuntary disappearance, sexual slavery, and rape.

Families at a presentation of the book in Kharkiv

Due to the conflict currently in Ukraine there are 1404 widows, 2220 women lost their daughters and sons, and 229,000 children are IDPs (internally displaced persons).

The book was published in partnership with Knygolove Publishing house and financed by the Global Affairs Canada (GAC). Canadian Ambassador Roman Waschuk spoke at the book launch event.

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