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Ukrainians’ trend toward news on Telegram potentially dangerous

Ukrainians are watching less television and turning to Telegram channels to receive the news. Oksana Romaniuk, executive director of the Institute of Mass Information, spoke to Glavcom about the trend and her concerns about it. Romaniuk explained that the United News telethon itself might be a reason Ukrainians are seeking news elsewhere.

“We still have a multicultural society, accustomed to different types of information, and the marathon still does not satisfy this need,” she said. Additionally, many Ukrainians seek up to the minute news updates which the telethon does not provide.

However, popular Telegram channels disseminate unverified, unregulated information that is potentially dangerous. Romaniuk believes that well-known channels contain high levels of jeansa (hidden advertising) and manipulated content.

She added, “We cannot influence this as the Law on Media does not apply to Telegram.”

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Photo: Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash