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VoxCheck Reports on Popular Fakes and Manipulations Shared by MPs 

September 2 MPU partner VoxCheck Ukraine experts stated in their monitoring report for August 2019 – August 2020 that Ukraine’s Members of Parliament are promoting fake news stories about the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare reform, bank reform, cooperation with the International Monetary Fund, utility payments, and the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land.

According to VoxCheck, the offending MPs are Olha Vasylevska-Smahliuk and Yelyzaveta Bohutska (Servant of the People), Serhiy Shakhov (Trust parliamentary group), and Renat Kuzmin, Oleh Voloshyn, and Vadym Novinskyy (Opposition Platform – For Life!).

The MPs’ most widely distributed attempts at disinformation included the following statements:

• Ukrainians will have to pay for all healthcare services, thousands of doctors will be dismissed, and hospitals will be closed as a result of the healthcare reform;

• Ukraine is ruled from abroad by the International Monetary Fund. Ukraine’s authorities misuse IMF loans;

• All Ukraine’s agricultural land will be sold to foreign citizens for low prices as a result of the land reform; and

• Coronavirus is a marketing tool to sell more masks; the virus was made artificially.

More on the VoxCheck Ukraine website in Ukrainian.