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War Reporting Training

March 1 – Twenty Ukrainian national and regional journalists participated in a training program, titled “How to Meet Standards of Journalism when Reporting about War?”.  The training was conducted on March 1 in Kyiv at the Express Hotel as part of the project “Learning (the) German Experience to Improve Journalism in Ukraine”, and is supported by the German Embassy in Ukraine.

The lead trainer was German journalist and documentary producer Dietmar Schumann. Among Schumann’s key recommendations to Ukrainian journalists was that Ukrainians should respond to Russian propaganda with exceptionally true news, debunking fakes and showing the population in the East that Ukraine is better than Russia in all senses.

Schumann also expressed his opinion about the goal of Russian propaganda. He said that the core audience for Russian propaganda is Russians. It is important for Putin to receive 78% of support from the Russian population. German journalist also mentioned that Russians live in the other reality and think that their state is great. At the same time, according to Schumann, the Russian Federation demonstrates continuing decline in all sectors, except military one. However, the Russian media audience’s manner of thinking is very easy to explain – 75% of the population receive information from television.

Detector Media coordinated the training with the Embassy and pre-selected journalists on a competitive basis.

More on the Institute for Mass Information website in Ukrainian.