Who we are

Internews is an international non-profit media development organization with administrative centers in California, Washington DC, and London. Our mission is to empower local media worldwide to give people the news and information they need, the ability to connect, and the means to make their voices heard.

Since 1993, Internews has worked in Ukraine with journalists, public officials, civil society activists and citizens to improve the quality and impact of a vibrant, independent news media. Internews is committed to helping develop skills and leadership in Ukrainian media organizations through technical assistance backed by financial support from international donor organizations.

Strengthening media and preparing it to effectively address and report on political and economic challenges ahead is a primary Internews objective in Ukraine. Internews consultants work directly with journalists and civil society organizations to upgrade media quality and effectiveness in Ukraine. Internews’ international experience and perspective, in addition to its understanding of Ukrainian media realities and priorities, helps the Ukrainian news media achieve and maintain international standards.

Internews and its civil society partners design and communicate skills training for both professional and citizen journalists to create and disseminate content. They connect Ukrainian and international experts to develop Ukraine-specific tools for reporting, editing, media monitoring, media literacy, legal assistance and advocacy. Internews challenges its partners to develop feedback mechanisms helping ensure responsiveness, project participation and program results.